Domain Names

The very first thing you need to get your business on the Internet is your ‘Domain Name’.

Not sure if your company or business domain name is available? or just need to find a great name for your new business.... click on the link below to check if your choice is available.

Once you have checked the availability of your chosen domain name you can purchase it directly from the search page.


If you dont own your businesses domain name someone else can purchase it and never allow you to use it, so it is really important to buy your business domain name as soon as possible.


Australian .au domain names.
These are all domain names ending with .au extensions and can only be registered by companies, organisations or associations except for domain names. Australian domain names are always registered, and renewed, every 2 years. The Australian Domain Name Administrator or AUDA set and govern the rules for all .au domain names.

Advantages of Australian .au domain names.
* Recognition as an Australian company/individual.
* More likely to be listed as an Australian website in search engines.
* If people are trying to find your company online, and you are an Australian company, they are more likely to try

International Domain Names.icann logo
These are all domain names ending in .com, .net, .org, .info, and .biz. They can be registered by any organisation or individual anywhere in the world. The standard registration period is 1 year, but you can register in advance for up to 10 years. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN (, is the International authority on these domain names.

Advantages of International Domain Names.
* Anyone can register a domain with these extensions; there is no need for an ABN or registered business name.
* You can be recognized as an international company.

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